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How To Make Your Nose Look Smaller

A number of people around the world are seeking a way to achieve a smaller looking nose. There has been a new solution to come out that helps people of all type of backgrounds and nose shapes get a smaller nose without even having to go through surgery. Oftentimes nasal surgery can result in more pain, side effects and the risk of unsatisfactory results. The nose huggie is a natural way in which consumers can get their nose to appear smaller. Not only will the nose appear smaller, but it will actually decrease in size.

Nose Huggies work by applying pressure to the nose bridge. This padded device is small and comfortable to wear. The human nose is mostly cartilage, which is compiled of mostly water. When pressure is placed on the cartilage consistently it will conform the shape, and this is how the nose huggie gives so many people a natural nose reduction. It is not recommended that the nose huggie be worn any longer than 15-20 minutes. Fifteen minutes daily is enough time each day. The key to getting results if you want your nose to look smaller, is the use the nose huggie nose clip consistently. Don’t wear it for long periods of time. Just simply use it on a daily basis. Some users notice results within 2 weeks time! Another way that women go about making their nose look smaller is makeup tricks. This might be one method of getting a smaller nose look in the meantime, but know that the nose huggie is a dependable effective and harmless way to making your nose smaller in size.