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The Nose Huggie is an innovative, low-cost alternative to
nose surgery. Using it regularly for as little as 15 minutes
per day can help decrease the size of your nose.

  • Low-cost alternative to rhinoplasty
  • A simple, effective solution
  • Decreases nose appearance
  • 45-day Money-Back Guarantee


Amazing! Within about a week I was seeing results of a thinner shorter nose. I was confused at first with how to use the nose huggie. So I left it on my nose in many different positions and now three weeks in, I look like a new person in my eyes. Thank you! – Anon“…it made my nose so much smaller.”
I tried this out and it made my nose so much smaller. I’ve always been insecure about my nose. Thank you. – Thomas
This product really is working. It has been a week and my nose is looking straighter and I feel more confident…Recommend it and is comfortable too. – Angelica“…I can tell there’s a change already…”
Got mine, and I’ve been using it for almost a week now, but I can tell that there’s a change already, My breathing is just fine, but I have to breathe from my mouth when I wear it obviously. I’d recommend anyone who ever thought about getting a nose-job to give nose huggies a chance. – Andy K.
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